Frequently asked Questions

How much video can fit on a single DVD? Up to 1 hr. at the highest quality - Up to 2 hr. at VHS quality

What DVD players will play the DVD's you create? We use DVD-R or DVD+R discs. Most home DVD players are compatiable with these. You should check to ensure that your DVD player can play DVD-R or DVD+R.

What if my tape is longer than one disk? We can easily transfer your footage to more than one DVD at a reduced cost.

How long will DVD video discs last ? DVD discs do not deteriorate in quality, unlike video tapes. DVD's have a life expectancy of 100+ years.

What will be the quality on the disk? The quality of the DVD will always be at least as good as VHS video tapes.

What are "Chapters" ? Chapter points are an index in your DVD. Chapters enable you to instantly access a particular segment of footage simply by selecting them on the menu screen. This provide far superior access over a video tape where constant rewinding & fast forwarding are required to pinpoint a particular scene.

What Video Formats Are Accepted? We accept VHS, VHS-C and MiniDV

What Can I Expect For Turnaround Time? Our aim is to complete your projects between 5-7 days after receiving them. This time period is subject to increase at peak times of the year.