Video Tributes


Some of life's moments are just too special to live only once.  It might be laughter,  gasps, or tears; but you can't underestimate the emotional charge when cherished photos are coupled with selected music,  appropriate transitions and a few visual effects. Spirits soar,  hearts warm,  giggles erupt. We don't know just why it happens; but we love to make it happen.

For office parties,  weddings,  anniversaries,  graduations, birthdays, or virtually any occasion, we can choreograph your photos or slides with your favorite music selections into a keepsake DVD so you can relive and celebrate those times over and over.


$2.50 per slide, photo or negative.

This Cost is inclusive of Titles, Music and editing. If you wish to include some video in your tribute this will be at extra cost. Please call for a quote.

Video can be presented on DVD or VHS